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If you’re an accountancy business owner, and you’re struggling to generate enough quality new client leads and you’re frustrated at the amount of fees you know you’re missing out on then this is the system for you.
Because… regardless of the “competition,” “recession” or the economy, the truth is your accountancy skills or business can be your own personal “gold mine!”
…BUT… if and only if you master a surprisingly small number of simple skills and put some very easily copied strategies to work for you in your advisory business.
And in a moment, I’m going to share with you exactly how this can happen… but first…
Who am I and how can I help you achieve your new client acquisition goals?
Since qualifying as a chartered marketer I have had the privilege of working with some of the fastest growing accountancy business owners in the UK. Selling, Merging, Recruiting for and targeting accountancy businesses over 16 years has given me a completely unique perspective. Lifting the bonnet on thousands of businesses has enabled me to see what client attraction systems work, which ones don’t work and Ive put together a system for you developed over the last decade which includes all of the very latest, high return low cost client acquisition tools from across the UK.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get…

 1. Immediate direct access to the most advanced online training modules that give you everything you need to know to generate more leads and sign more clients using low cost high return marketing strategies.

2. Unlimited access to done for you marketing templates that are ready for you to use in your accountancy business to generate leads in all areas from social media to direct mail to email marketing and networking. Every route to market you can think of we have a done for you template there that you can use today to get results. If your tired of investing money into marketing without seeing any results, you will now have access to marketing that actually works.

3. The most comprehensive training on how to build non face to face relationships with your prospects, so that they come to you pre-sold on your expertise and ready to buy.
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Wishing you continued success,
Stephen Hagues – Leading Acquisition Specialist, Entrepreneur & Chartered Marketer